Rain Song

The sky carries a cattle prod

that cracks like a ripped electric cable.

on a wet highway.

White light veins stretch across

the dark bosom of heaven.

Lightning and thunder

makes me think the world’s ducks

are Quack Quack Quacking


The world's hands are clap clap clapping overhead

The rain is a seventeen year cicada plague

gone kamikaze on my nylon A-frame.

A Ballina hurricane spins in my racing brain.

And I beg the sky's bucket dumpers to stop!

Pommelling my weak shelter.

And charcoal clouds stroll on.

Mighty fists sucked back packed into

billowing pockets

revealing the moon

and my sanity.

I unzip my tent poke my head to the sky.

And half the sky is stars.

Half the sky is stars.